This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

verybiglebowski wrote:

John M Roberts wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

You mean your original definition : "Flame retardant suit is let er rip."

Look, I don't want to start even more senseless debate with you, I just don't see any point in your OP the way you presented it. On the other hand, I can imagine a nice debate - what are benefits and dissadvantages of using APS-C or even smaller sensor size, versus FF for the landscape, or for some other situation.

I can make technically great landscape shot with even smaller and cheaper camera such as NEX 5, and many others can do even better with m4/3 or 1" cameras. What I can't understand, from a talented and experienced person like you, are posts involving the most senseless debates - which camera is better, or - you should be upset because you spent more money for the D800 and D300 can do equally well. You are too good photographer for such a childish thread.

You make some reasonable suggestions as to how to display a post without encouraging flame. I did not comprehend his original point as to say that the differences between the D800's and earlier models were pointless or to your interpretation of his point "which camera is better." He just stated within a particular parameter the differences could be slight for some who don't utilize it to a greater potential. I'm sure there is no doubt in his mind how much more beneficial that camera will be in his hands than what his D300 is.

If he would say it the way you did, I would remain silent. I almost never enter flaming debates. But he didn't, and I think we have more then enough flaming threads here, so I was provoked to react.

Instead of apologizing for at least inappropriate subject line, he kept committing to it, and most of all, I still don't see any valuable contribution in his OP. (appart of the nice image) Because even your formulation has same validity for any cameras, lenses or other equipment comparison. "Within particular parameter, the differences could be slight." That's obvious, no?

Yes it is and I see your point. It may not be obvious to some of those that go to the trouble of spending their money on equipment that they think will provide them better images for the application they are aiming for and not realize that there money might have been better spent on education of free time and extra money to go travel to areas of photographic interest. Each to their own reasons though.

I found your Oct 15 blog interesting.

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