This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

I can't believe how many pages and arguments this thread engendered.  If that was the OP's point, then mission accomplished.

If it was to educate I suggest next time doing a forum search first.  The point that the D800 might be wasted on folks who web publish or print small has been made many times by myself and others in the weeks and months since the D800/e was released.  Roman, since whilst you protest you don't take this personally but appear to take it very personally I suppose I should make clear my view: I generally agree with the point of your thread and much of what you said in your posts.  However, I question the utility and necessity of the thread in the first place and, possibly, your approach in making your point.

But if stirring the pot was the objective might I request more blood and popcorn with the next installment?

Finally, even though it is small, I found parts of the first image out of focus and that I found distracting rather than providing depth or other intended effects vis-a-vie the second image.  Which is to say, on its own it probably would have been peachy, but compared to the second image it did not leave me thinking "this takes pictures that are just as good".  Though I agree, that at that size the camera is generally capable of closely comparable work.  Overall the images are beautiful, however, and it is truly a lovely scene.  I witnessed similar colours and scenes a week or so ago at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

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