This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

painterdude wrote:

Well in all humility Roman, I think your point is rather..well known? Also there are 3 extant realities that mitigate against the worth of the points you raise bro.

1 People who have a true need for the D800 etc will buy it for their known needs. Your post does not apply.

2 People who want it and have no clue what the heck they are getting into will buy it and no amount of reason will stop them. They just want it. Your post will be seen as noise.

Certainly his post has brought a lot of these out of the woodwork.

3 Reasonable people with no use for the D800 etc will recognize that and do not need persuasion not to buy and take classes etc. instead. Your post does not apply.

I think your words are aimed at those wide eyed folk -arms outstretched reaching for a camera they think will do wonders for their photography (yet have zero ability to shoot it properly!). IMHO they aren't going to listen I guess in the end your words and examples end up simply being condemnatory criticism.

Perhaps we should just let people be and do what they desire to do. Experience ..particularly with a demanding cam like the D800 will be the best teacher of the unwise and naive.

I think you forget that these are just words on these pages. No one here is capable of preventing people being or doing what they want to do. It's just an exchange of opinions and advice to be listened to or otherwise. When the lynch mob actually turns up at your door is when to worry.

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