End of DPreview forums ?

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very excellent posts

awaldram wrote:

Greenville wrote:

I stopped posting and visiting for a while due to the changes. Not because I did not like the changes, I stopped because it seemed about 90% of the threads were just full of complaints about the forum changes. I figured I would come back when the complaints settled down and could all post in similar threads instead of starting new ones for the same complaints.

I agree most of the initial outrage was based on fear of the new rather than usability issues.

I think in general usability is much improved but as posters above show maybe a 'how to' would have need useful ?

Linking is easy once you know how but it hardly intuitive so should have helpful link to ease the transition.

My beef is it doesn't work properly across the most common browsers / devices its cranky gets killed by proxies and a multitude of other fairly elementary mistakes.

Yes you can moan and whinge in an effort to get it 'fixed' but surely most just go to pastures new ?

Which from Amazon and Dpreview point of view where foot fall is everything probably a disaster.

Unless Amazon are willing to pay me as a beta tester I'm not willing to spend the time ironing the cracks on their code.

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