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Re: Precisions.

sankos wrote:

In my experience with C1 (versions 4, 5 and 6) and the K10D plus some DA Limiteds (the 35 macro and the 70) the auto white balance of my camera tends towards the green cast, which is frequently easily corrected in C1 with just its own auto white-balancing tool (usually adding a couple of points on the magenta scale). Still, I prefer the AWB to err on the side of the green than the magenta (the latter seems to be favoured by the AWB of many brands, especially Canon, I think) -- this greenish tendency looks better in nature photos but is problematic with portraits. For some reason I don't like the ACR colour profile for the K10D and the automatic white balancing as much as in C1.

The demosaicing and detail extraction is quite good in C1 (v.6) at basic ISOs when compared with ACR 6.2 but I can get even more out of RawTherapee 4. Still, my favourite for the overall look (esp. tones and colours) and ease of use is C1.

Agreed, with the K10D, the green cast is more obvious. I rarely get the magenta cast with my K10D. In my opinion, my K10D is more color accurate than my K-7... Too bad I can't rely on the K10D's AF as much as with the K-7. And the high ISO performance is better with the K-7 as well.

I get a much more magenta cast with the K-7 (I usually only get green cast at ISO 800 and above), but then, many people mentioned having these problems with the latest Pentax DSLRs (including the 645D), no matter which RAW converter they used, or if the shot in RAW or JPEG. So this could be more of a camera issue than a software issue, at least for the K-7.

If you like version 6 of C1, wait to see version 7! All I can say is: it's worth the upgrade!

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