Change in lenses - Giving up my loved 17-55 for?

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Re: Change in lenses - Giving up my loved 17-55 for?

I got all the lens you have.  For my 40D, the 17-55 and a 70-200/4L IS or 70-200/2.8L IS is my favorite two lens combo.  The 10-22 got occasional use.

My first generation 17-55's IS finally died.  Canon did a great job fixing it.

I've since moved to FF and hardly ever use my 40D w/ EF-s lens anymore.  If you are sticking with your 7D, I'd keep the 17-55 and 10-22 as being the best in what they do for the APS-C lineup.

If you go full frame in the next year or less, I can see selling the EF-s lens sooner than later to get the most you can from the sale and beef up your full frame lens collection.  Since I use my 40D so infrequently, I really wish I'd done that.

In any event, I'd sell the 28-135.  I really hated it on the APS-C side and there's much better options for FF.

As for what to buy:  it depends.  I like having a standard zoom and so the 17-55 fits that role well for me (despite its large size and limited telephoto length).  If you sell the 17-55, what will use in its place?  If you don't go between wide angle and intermediate focal lengths a lot, I can see going 10-22 with a 24-105.

Other lens that might be fun include a 35L or some other prime.

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