Could someone explain why G1x price jumped so much lately?

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Re: G1X Price Rise etc. Here you go....

jboyer wrote:

thanks for a healthy comment.... after about 1000 shots, I agree!! Most complainers would not recognize a Leica from an Hasseblad, anyway. Truth in complaining sorely needed here!!!

For those lucky enough to have a G1 X, enjoy the best compact ever made at this price level....

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Healthy comment?

Um, not complaining about the camera, as it can take some outstanding pictures (see pretty much any of Marco's threads for examples)

Truth in complaining?  Lucky enough to have a G1x?  Okay, I'll leave you to make offerings at your Canon altar, and I'll keep asking questions, ok?

I saw it again today; I wanted to pick up a little 110HS for a car camera/backup, and Staples had a good a nice coupon code in my email, and whoa, suddenly the price is over fifty dollars more?  No sale here.

I know the 110HS isn't high up on the ladder, but for a snapshooter it isn't bad either.  For the price that it was a few days ago, not now!  It may be a 'marketing-challenged' strategy for the holidays, but my simple prediction is it will, like so many marketing techniques employed by clueless corporations (say that five times fast) will wind up biting them in the posterior.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go research the non-Canons on the list.....

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