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MichaelKJ wrote:

What share of the DSLR market do you think is comprised of Professionals?

Another way of describing thinking about the graph of mirrorless vs DSLR is to ask which of the following scenarios would be more desirable for mirroless: 1) the current graph that shows a rapid increase in market share followed by a leveling off, or 2) the reverse--a period stable market share followed by by a rapid increase.

The fact is that it is common for growth in market share to slow as a product matures. What I find surprising is that mirrorless had 52% in January and appeared to be poised to continues taking market share away from DSLRs. However, January was followed by 8 consecutive months in which mirrorless market share has been below 50% (note that this period includes the summer holidays).

Xmas 2011 would have had heavy marketing spend, maybe competive pricing/promotions the overall trend looks up to me.

I don't think there will be a tipping point in consumers , to get the last 55% of customers will be a slog as those consumers might be too conservative, too embedded in DSLR, too insecure etc....mirrorless will need to keep targeting the various types of camera consumers with new various models.

As for what percentage of DSLR sales go to professionals its hard to say also it depends whether you are talking by value or units sold....but mirrorless  buying behaviour patterns must lie somewhere between those of compacts and DSLRs, yes?

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