This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

Hi Roman.

That exchange calling you a newbie was my laugh for the day

I went from a D300 to the D800 (non E). I just shot a job - 3 murals. The viewing distance for these murals will be only a few feet (an indoor visitor center), not billboard distance. The sizes of the murals? 10 foot by 30 foot, 9 foot by 12 foot, and cute little 4x6 footer.

I needed at least 150-240ppi for printing, and I wanted native pixels, not interpolation. The shots were all landscape images of a lake and forest area - sunrise, sunset, early morning, late day and so on, all with extreme dynamic range. Yes, I stitched the images - between 40 and 100 images for each composite image on average and did use a Gigapan to automate the shots.

Could I have used my D300? Sure. Would I have wanted to - no. Why? For starters, the D800 dynamic range blows the doors off the D300. The FX was much more useful with my 24-70 and 70-200 than a cropped sensor. I REALLY got mileage out of the built in Virtual Horizon and the lower ISO noise level was much better than my D300 - especially in the twilight skies where it really shows even at ISO 100. I was even able to do a few shots using the in camera HDR, but at the end of the day I couldn't resist loading all 100+ 36MP NEFs into CS6 ACR, make synchronized ACR adjustments working easily with the highlights, shadows and sharpening, then saving them out to full size JPEGs for the stitching process. Oh yah, and those 36MPs? Having that many pixels to multiply into gigapixel images was a real boon.


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