Fuji's crappy battery (X-Pro1)

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Re: Fuji's crappy battery (X-Pro1)

liquid stereo wrote:

What is up with Fuji? The battery in the X-Pro1 is pure garbage. The shot life is quite low/poor and the battery indicator is a POS.

The indicator is part of the camera's circuits, not the battery's—and yes, it is bad. (Better than pre 1.10, but still not right for 2012). Along with most others, I've had very equivalent usage with $10 batteries (Powercell from Amazon, in my case) so I just keep two spares with me. The amperage is about right for the package size, so unless Fuji put in a physically larger battery, it's hard to fault.

If I were going to fault the battery, I'd mention the ability to stick it in in any orientation. I tend to minimally chimp (but still do). I've yet to get the "expected" number of shots form any of the cameras I've used. The X P1 is pretty much a nadir in this regard though.

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