Photography, gear and... ill-treated images

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Re: Photography, gear and... ill-treated images

Jonas B wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Thanks for taking the trouble to do the test Jonas!

I have now deleted the image at my server and changed the permission on the gallery image to "Private".

The last image (from Barcelona, trying to find a decent place to get an image of a floor designed by Gaudi) is still there. I don't know how to delete it now that it is uploaded.

I'll check back tomorrow. Maybe the images are gone by then?



I can still three all 3 images.  The 3rd one I'd expect that as you uploaded that one to DPR, although I would expect there to be a way to delete uploaded photos on the site.  The first 2 though--that's really poor behavior by DPR if they're caching your images and showing them even after you've restricted/deleted them on your server.  If this is the way they're handling images now then I have no interest in posting images either.

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