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Re: For web use sure

Daniel Clune wrote:

For web use a D800 wouldn't be any better than a D300 unless you get way up there in ISO. But for large prints the D800 would be way better. Only other reason for upgrading camera are better focus system or better video again for web use.

So sure your correct. If all you do is web use I would spend my money on lenses to get what you need.

From my experience, my d5100 can take just as good picture as my d800e ... in broad daylight given the same lens.  I actually didn't see too much differences, but the two sensors have good DR.

I haven't compared in low light, but what you're getting with the d800e is the 36MP, the extra DR which you may be able to see, but with the OP's example, the scene does not pose a DR challenge.  You're also getting the better AF, viewfinder, and the nice rugged case.

In most cases, you can take a picture of any ordinary scene with a d300, d5100, d800, and d800e and they will all look fantastic.  It's the edge cases where you want to compare.

Any brand spanking new car can go 55mph, but when you push it, the difference is clear why you bought a corvette over a hyundai.


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