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Susan Taylor
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Hi Dale. Luckily, when I was built, they forgot to include the "grumpy gene". And my thoughts are that if you're always smiling, people will always be wondering what you are up to!!! But it was also really good to wake up this morning and say to myself, "Hey, it's not freezing in this room." So, at least for us, the worst is hopefully over. And everybody around the area, besides themselves, are helping everyone else recover. Community is a really good thing. Thanks for your best wishes.



Love your line "Community is a really good thing."  Found that out ourselves when a tornado came through this area in 2006 and everyone pitched in to help others.  When the human spirit is at its best, humans are wonderful people Just wish I'd see that sometimes when out driving on the road...ha, ha!

Should be getting my new SX50 delivered today and then the "playing" with my new toy will begin. Take care...

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