Remove a double chin

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Re: Remove a double chin

Usually we don't have the option to pose our subjects. The director wants us to shoot during the rehearsal so we take what we can get. It has worked in the past for us since we usually walk away with close to 1000 shots from which we can get 2 or 3 good ones for each actor. ( Poor stage lighting, quick movements, ect)

This time in addition to poor lighting, ect, we have a fat leading lady. I guess you might call this the perfect storm- everything is working against the photographer. As I see it the only thing left is to do something in retouching. I don't know what the audience will do when the beautiful swan they see in the advertising and lobby photos turns into an ugly ducking when she walks on stage.

Still looking for a software program- please under $100- to save our reputation. Its terrible when your fired from a volunteer job.

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