PZ16-50 Barrel Distortion Correction

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Re: What's the FOV after adjustment?

Bart Hickman wrote:

Has anybody tried to measure the FOV on a corrected image yet?

I'm trying to think of a way to get Hugin to tell me.

My basic idea is that at an indicated 16mm, with crop factor of 1.54, its real focal length is something else (e.g. 15mm, for the sake of argument).

If I tell Hugin this other focal length, is there something I can do within Hugin to demonstrate that the focal length is "correct". e.g. is it possible to use two different projections, say rectilinear and fisheye and measure the difference in position of a reference point on the image?

The change in position should be well-defined for a given focal length (since the formulae for these two projections are well defined). The error in the difference produced by processing a single file with these two projections should indicate the real focal length.

(Note that rectilinear is what the camera is doing already, so only the fisheye needs to be generated. But also note that the barrel distortion is sort of a mild fisheye which complicates things...)

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