Enough with the 16-50 bashing already.

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Re: Enough with the 16-50 bashing already.

Letsgokoulos wrote:

nrcole wrote:

I don't get the shocked/angry sentiment about this lens. Did people really expect that they were going to cut the size in half, add motors, keep almost the same focal range, and sell it all for the same price as the original kit? This was always going to be a consumer lens for the auto-shooters who want something they can stuff in their pocket, take pictures of the kids, and be none the wiser that it's a compromised lens. I'm not ragging on it. Given the price it's at that's exactly what it should be.

It's the 16mm pancake all over again. A lot of compromises get made to deliver these lenses as small and cheap as they are. In a lot of markets the 16mm is sold as the kit for the camera, and it sells because people jump at the chance to have something that compact, without caring that 16mm is too wide to get great pictures of most things consumers want to shoot.

Regardless, there are still great pictures out there with both these lenses. You can absolutely take them out and have a good time with them. If they're too compromised for you that's cool to, just stop pretending Sony misled you in to thinking that the 16-50 was some kind of miracle lens.

+1. I think a lot of people had too high expectations and the miracle just did not happen...


+1 From the samples I seen so far it a decent kit lens and really how much more can you ask from a small collapsible lens!

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