U.S. Election - Where are the policies?

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Re: We used to have "The Press"

CFynn wrote:

Unfortunately both candidates and parties have shortcomings. Is there a really good choice? However ever since Obama was elected the Republicans have tried to sabotage and block almost everything he tried to do - their main agenda seems to have been to try and make sure Obama fails and doesn't get re-elected. Not to work together for the good of the country. I'm not sure what motivates this, but it is pretty ugly.

Funny how obama supporters do not remember that the first two years of his term he had both the house and senate in his pocket. Pelosi and Reid gave him anything he wanted. But instead of worrying with trivial finacial matters (like jobs and the economy) he chose to ram obamacare down our throats.

He spent and spent until the next election where THE PEOPLE sent Republicans to the house to stop his insane spending. Do you remember that "shellacking"? But he has still managed to run up a 6 trillion dollar bill that generations to come will be stuck with paying. But the selfish fools that are voting for him don't care as long as they get the promised "free stuff" today.

As far as cooperation goes, are you referring to.......

Senate Democrats wouldn’t cooperate with Romney’s agenda, Harry Reid says

within the last two weeks?

Even before he has a chance Pelosi and Reid swear to not help Romney and the US.

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