Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

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Re: Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

I have to make a correction here since I can no longer edit the previous statement. this is regarding the color noise reduction adjustment from both cameras. both cameras needed a some amount of application to reduce or eliminate the few residues left from the luminance noise. it is true that the XP1 has way lesser reds and blue which are certainly the worst type of noise displayed and are more obvious to see compared to the green although the green was still well managed considering they can be eliminated without adjusting the luminance. combining the degree or amount of NR applied, is only about half the amount without really sacrificing much of detail. although there is still some variance with regards to the quality of the grain to some degree and did a bit more NR application to atleast replicate the XP1 result.

so far, I applied these combination on the images. for the XP1 I applied +13 amount of color NR. on the NX20, I applied +40 color NR and +23 luminance NR. I pushed the color NR further inorder for the NX20 to avoid increasing the luminance NR which would reduce the detail. I added a bit just enough luminance nr to smoothen the image to acceptable or identical level with the XP1. the XP1 is certainly cleaner looking. as far as detail, I don't see any problem with the NX20 at all, especially with B&W shots. one could choose to be grainy or smooth. just don't go over 3200.

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