Wouldn't you like the aperture ring back on your new lenses...?

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Re: Wouldn't you like the aperture ring back on your new lenses...?

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:
3. Nikon can sell much more glass to ...Canon owners and create future customers...

only if aperture remains additionally control-by-wire, not just mechanical, so one can continue to adjust aperture remotely (away from camera body or in contact with body aperture controls) because exposure is readily previewed live any time aperture (or ISO or speed) is adjusted, as well as DOF previewable live too.

are Nikon lenses designed for both mechanical and control-by-wire for remote aperture related exposure previewing? no, most Nikon dSLRs don't even LIVE preview exposure for aperture, much less, ISO/Speed, unless one has a D3 series, (and partially on D4 or D800), so any Nikon lens that is updated with an aperture ring will be useless to Canon owners who are already used to exposure preview as it varies with speed/iso/aperture adjustments 'live' in realtime on their lenses (aperture control specifically on a lens is inherently 'remote', manual mechanical control is great only if strictly 'hands-on' (not remote), and the control-by-wire is offline, or the dSLR is UNPOWERED/OFF). this is why an OVF is so appealing, it works when UNPOWERED, however the dilemma is ONLY FOCUS on a lens works, but NOT APERTURE (framing focus preview only; not exposure, unless one is still relying on TTL light meter reading (impossible if unpowered)).

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