AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

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Re: AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

Im running the AMD A8-3870K in one system and the Core-i5 in another on the same desk..

Using the on chip Radeon video is really NICE if you run enough ram..(I run with 16gig on both rigs).

Besides Post processing photos I also convert a lot of AVI files and MKV files to DVD, and the AMD A8-3870K literally FLIES through the job.

An hour long HD video (MKV) will run through the conversion on the AMD in about 10 or 12 minutes, while the Core-i5 takes a good deal longer.

Photo processing on them using Lightroom 4.# and CS6 is about equal.

If you plan on any video editing or rendering the edge would go the AMD A8-3870K.

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