Questions Concerning Upgrade to Win 8

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Re: Questions Concerning Upgrade to Win 8 - Basic Question

cheezit wrote:

Oh, forgot to include some info. System is i7-2600, 8gb ram.

Thanks for the info, guys. Sure appreciate it.

Bill: I'm not really concerned about the boot time but with just about every applications I try to open. Somewhere between 7-10 seconds from the time I double click to the time the app shows up. Then another 3-5 before it is usable. I have an XP machine running 32bit that is a lot more faster than this Win 7.

I was just wondering if Win 8 can speed things up here. What's making me hesitate a little is being able to go back to win 7 or not. MS makes it so confusing sometimes.


You could try to do a clean install with your current Win7 disk.  This usually fixes things and speeds up your computer.  If you do decide to do a clean install with Win7, the first thing you should do before adding any software is to load an antivirus program.  I use AVG free and on another system, AVAST.

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