Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: You asked, I answer...

Thank you Lou.

No you are not highjacking anything. Your imput is very important in this disscussion.

The OP is Bob Petruska who has taken it upon himself to test many 3rd party ink sets and has done that out of the goodeness of his heart to provide many of us users some very important infon and help answer thouse who are sintting on the fence possible believing that if they use 3rd party ink, their printers will some how self ignite.

I have used several of your products with the latest being Carts for the PRO 3800.

I've also your some of your CISS and inks for the R1900 series.

Bob has never had the oportunity to test your K3 and K3 VM inks and that is about the only one he has not tested.

So please to not remain silent.

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