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Re: "newbie-ass BS" or "Oh please" which is belligerent?

John M Roberts wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

xrdbear wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Then post your newbie-ass BS on the crop forum where folks need the validation even if it is false. What do you [possible hope to gain from such a ridiculous comparison?

What do you hope to gain by being so unnecessarily rude?

I was trying to be helpful in my first post because he does not appear to know the first thing about digital imaging and maybe you do not either. But was his repsonse to my initial post not belligerent and rude to begin with?

Here's his response (which you conveniently chose to omit):

"Oh please...I got a shot of the entire falls in my D300 as well. This is just the one I processed. This is not about crop...its about quality...any lens can be bought for either system to get the desired results."

This entire paragraph is a ridiculous statement which he will quietly distance himself from over time.

What I hope to gain? that he will think twice next time about posting a smart-ass response to me or anyone else who is trying to help him.

Rick, "Oh Please..." can hardly be taken as belligerent. It had some attitude I will admit but nothing near to your attack response which surprises me especially that it came from a computer consultant. Why couldn't you maintain some professional composure as you most certainly would for your clients?

Now to say Roman appears not to know the first thing about digital imaging from his post is such a stretch. And if he or even I don't, so what? His statement was made to a specific criteria. Who needs to be a mastermind at digital imaging to understand his point. His product which I and many others admire does speak for itself. I checked your profile and found little to represent your capabilities and even if you had great images to share, your conduct would still not be warranted.

I am sure that Rick and Roman are capable of settling this out through PMs, I am pretty sure that any misunderstanding between them was just that... a misunderstanding! ..."Different sense", "word for word", "post to post" these things can happened without ever being wanted by either... It almost happened between me and you John once ....and it was purely my fault due to the extensive attack I had to overcome by the well known trolls that I now can see that everyone ignores...

Come on guys... this community needs good, valid people like you both are... trolls are multiplying around us all the time, there is no space for misunderstandings to advance into "fighting with windmills"... we are all (well... many of us anyway..)  photographers here and we understand about art better so to get the "Don Chichotte" message...

After all... Cesar was only a ...Roman according to Asterix! ...and Rick can also be a Gaul!'s Brute that should all take care to avoid!

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