Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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jtoolman wrote:

Leo, how does your Vivid Magenta and Vid Light Magenta ( K3 for PRO 3880 ) perform in the GLOSS department to OEM K3 VM?

Frankly speaking, they are really close. You have to put them side by side to know our glossiness is just a tiny notch below OEM.

Why don't we offer higher glossiness ink? It is actually pretty simple to do so - just mix some dye ink elements. Besides that, every single color match to OEM single color will be much easier (no 3rd party ink profile needed). However, the light-fastness/longevity will suffer. Simply put, there is no way the Epson which spend millions $$$ on research and development of pigment ink can be lagged behind a small ink firm. There is no free lunch, and there is always a catch. But, it is OK for some people who are willing to sacrifice some longevity to achieve glossier prints. Inkjetfly choose not to do so.

I am no trying to steal this thread. If you really want to know more, PM me.

Sorry to OP, I will not make any more posts on this thread.

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