What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

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Re: He's a doggy, a very shaggy one with fleas at that

rgolub wrote:

If you were even considering "Monster" anything then you're just the kind of person that Ken hits up.

At the very first approximation, Rockwell has some useful information for people who are not very knowledgeable about photography (or apparently audio) but if you're really trying to learn anything his bombastic style and shallow analysis are going to get you in trouble.

Even with the signal to noise issues around here, it's a much more useful resource than Rockwell - if you're into thinking about photography.

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I was not considering Monster, I simply compared when I saw ones in a mall and I saw that Ken's recomendation was better and 4 times cheaper, so I don't think that his advices are always wrong. We are grown up people who can judge by themselves if what they are reading can be taken seriously or not. At least I can and english is not even my mother language.

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