A Kingfisher and a Tui in the back garden, NEX7, 300mm

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Re: A Kingfisher and a Tui in the back garden, NEX7, 300mm

Thanks for the feedback all - very much appreciated, i'll try RAW for a few days and see how it goes.

The Tui's live in the trees around the house, and they don't seem to mind me walking around pointing my camera at them so i'll go and annoy them when I get home tonight.  Yes Danny - you're more than welcome to tweak the photo, i'd be interested to know what you did in terms of post processing.

Thats twice i've seen the Kingfisher now as well, I'm hoping that our garden is "his territory" and that i'll see him some more, but you're all right - they're so fast it's not funny, you can just see him crane his neck before he bolts, and then if you're lucky you get one shot off - I might have a pop in spd priority mode, but I don't really want to lower the settings and miss an opportunity, I'd love to stop his wings just one time.

I'm having tons of fun doing this, the only frustrating thing is when f4.5 just doesn't give me enough light I tend to start browsing ebay and looking at f2.8 telephoto lenses - which is a bit dangerous & could get me into a lot of trouble at home! But for the money I think the lens was a steal, I'm looking forward to taking it surfing as well. Thanks again for the feedback

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