Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

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Re: Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

hmmmm.....let's just say that the XP1 RAW result is an NX20 RAW with about almost half luminance NR (maybe a 1/3) and about full color NR. so it's more like all you have to do with the XP1 raw is enhance the detail further if someone wants to without having to worry about NR or detail lost from it. what I noticed is that the XP1 has always been consistent on smoothing out the grain while the NX has harsher ones. I can't exactly comment fully on which camera has better detail retention as they are both totally different implementation. the XP1 has no AA filter while the NX has larger MP, the image processor and lens output difference also plays some part as to what is perceived better. although personally from what I have seen, I would say both cameras are not far-off and maybe I'll give the XP1 a bit of an edge on this department. the NX is really good til 3200 and only it's poor NR RAW implementation at over 3200 and poor jpegs makes it a bit of work but certainly has nothing to do with the notion of terrible sensor.

I think the key point here is the image processor of the XP1 and DR flexibility at the lower ISOs. for some reason, Fuji has somehow able to exploit the sensor's capability and might be able to do the same with the NX20 sensor.

anyway, I saw a difference with regards to how the 2 images behave under such lighting. is there any chance that the doll's real color is blue or green? I guess it's blue if I'm not mistaken?

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