This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

RomanJohnston wrote:

I am not rude. You said that it did upset some, and that's why you post it with such a title. I am saying that your conclusion is missleading, but you insist that it does upset some. That's flaming for me.

Ok...have fun with that definition.

On the Internet flaming is giving someone a verbal lashing in public

I did no such thing.


You mean your original definition : "Flame retardant suit is let er rip."

Look, I don't want to start even more senseless debate with you, I just don't see any point in your OP the way you presented it. On the other hand, I can imagine a nice debate - what are benefits and dissadvantages of using APS-C or even smaller sensor size, versus FF for the landscape, or for some other situation.

I can make technically great landscape shot with even smaller and cheaper camera such as NEX 5, and many others can do even better with m4/3 or 1" cameras. What I can't understand, from a talented and experienced person like you, are posts involving the most senseless debates - which camera is better, or - you should be upset because you spent more money for the D800 and D300 can do equally well.  You are too good photographer for such a childish thread.

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