1500-1700$ Photo editing / architecture PC

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Re: You still have no clue

Richard wrote:

Google PDF

And by the way, I am an amateur photographer, but I work in the computer industry. It is obvious you are a beginner at both.

But the OP and anyone else can read this information and decide for themselves who is spreading falsehoods and who does not know what they are talking about.

Poor, Richard.  Appealing to authority ("I work in the industry") doesn't make up for poorly informed statements like the ones you've made throughout the thread.  Let me guess - you replace printer toner?  You gave yourself away earlier when you claimed to have never seen a worn out drive, despite a large office sample size.

"My sample size includes my looking at my office where there are hundreds of employees who when go down, make a big noise about it. These computers are left on 24x7 so I agree, there may be some drives that have a bad production run."

We know from your provided google link that this is highly improbable - office PCs are leased typically on a 3 year lease and we would expect 5% mortality here.  Clearly you're not actually responsible for desktops at your company.  And just as clearly, you're not responsible for servers, or you would be aware of disk failure rates and you would be mirroring.  Take that from an SRE with thousands of servers.

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