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Leo360 wrote:

MariusMM wrote:

Hello, just got a replacement D600 SN: 6008xxx UK. Fist one was working fine with af, just had oil spots and a bit of scratches. But with this unit i think i have problem focusing it keeps focusing back and forth really fast and then gets stuck in out of focus, and sometimes pressing the shutter button it wont focus just and does nothing. I will try to make a video and upload it. Right now i'm trying it in my room with one light on, but i know that older D600 din't had problems focusing, and it didn't focus back and forth like 3-5 times to get a focus.

P.S. using Nikkor 24-70 f2.8

I guess this is new Nikon's cruel customer service policy. As of now you have a choice either to suffer from dust/oil or from AF problems. You got dust/oil on your first body and sent it in. They sent you another body with AF problem to keep you happy


I guess, i really now wish that Canon had better ISO and DR. Just to recap i was using AF-S and Spot, and AF assist light on

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