XZ-1 Low-Light Camera, Yes or No?

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Re: XZ-1 Low-Light Camera, Yes or No?

SunnyFlorida wrote:

I would really like to get the XZ-1 as a low light / Night time camera but keep reading conflicting messages regarding it's RAW performance. Some users state that noise is clearly visible starting at ISO 200, other say noise is no problem up to ISO 800

Is there anyone here who has used the camera extensively for low light / night time photography? is is possible to post some unprocessed raw files samples (converted to .jpg no NR processing)?

Even though XZ-1 has a relatively large (1/1.7") sensor compare to many compacts. Its low light performance is weaker than cameras in the similar class. I think it can go up to ISO 1250 with RAW provided you do not pixel peep.

In addition, the camera tends to under expose in low light. I usually increase the EV by up to 1.

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