This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

verybiglebowski wrote:

First of all, you proved to be a very good photographer. Your conclusion is however a bit missleading. There are many aspects where D800E is much better than D300 and few where D300 keeps the advantage. Size, price, speed i.e.

You are comparing two hammers that can fix the nail. For this particular nail - your waterfall shot and web sized output, they might be equally effective. But there are many situations, where one or the other will show its advantage.

Therefore I do not understand the meaning and tone of your OP. Why it should upset me?

Let's see if we can have the same output at billboard size print, will the DR if shadows are needed to be pushed up, be the same, will I be able if needed, to crop out the same amount of the image etc. Can I get in studio the same shallow DOF for portrait when the space is limitation?

Different tools for different jobs. But for many jobs any can be used. It's that simple. No reason for anyone to feel upset IMO.

Well said.  Different tools have different advantages in different circumstances.  We all know there are a number of things that a d800 is better than a d300 at (super large prints, DR, high ISO) and some things I'd rather have my d300 for (fast action daytime sports) and many situations where there would be no appreciable difference in final result.

If I was predominantly shooting landscapes (like most of the amazing work I've seen from Roman) and the cost of the equipment was not the main decision factor, I'd probably want a d800 or d800e for that as there are more landscape circumstances where the advantages of the d800 will help.

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