Why so many hate Sony?

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Re: Three things.

sensibill wrote:

1). Put simply, ignorance and intolerance of cameras not Canikon. I went to a small camera show yesterday and the attitude (especially among the older attendees) was that anything not of either of those brands was irrelevant. Moreover, the selection was about 99% those two brands. There was so little 'off brand' stuff that Leica seemed the dominant non-Canikon flavor, what little of it there was. There's the fact that some old-timer photographers were raised on one or the other in the 35mm days and to go with anything else seems tantamount to blasphemy.

I think your post is very general without any specifics. You went to a camera show and you say that the attitude was that only canikon exist. How do you know? Did you talk to anyone? Or did anyone make an announcement of that opinion? How many person expressed this? Was it written on their face?

And how is that one camera show is representative of the posts and the posters' opinion referenced by the OP?

2). Sony does indeed have a poor reputation at the consumer level and some folks don't trust them... I've been among those, myself. Their handling of public relations, product support, marketing and general customer treatment in the game console and PDA genres has been notoriously bad.

Says who? How did you get this idea? Can you direct us to some specific paper, post, industry analysis? Or you just say because you think so and you think it's everyone else's opinion?

3). There's a degree of particularly aggressive advocacy from a few Sony fans. When I was getting into my E-PL1 in 2010, the NEX spamming/trolling was excessive in the Micro 4/3 forum. I've also seen OP of this very thread leading the 'charge' in many threads in various non-Sony fora.

So I wouldn't say it's a total mystery as to why it happens, though I think the Sony haters do exist, and show their bias when they bash a new product like the RX100 or A99 regardless of value and performance.

I can imagine some people hate Sony, but others may hate Canon or Nikon. And they all have their individual reason for it which they may advocate and maybe others take on the same reason.

It would be hard to come up with one general reason that could answer the OP's question.

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