This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Have hassy 40MP of same scene and all the other cameras over time

I know I have a D70 shot, a D2X, D300, now D800 and Hassy with 40MP back.

Will play with the resolution and full crops from the D800 and Hassy and D300 for fun later...obviously for those interested.

For those NOT interested....just move on and make the forums here more civilized....

And to those who I knew would come out of the woodwork (IE 4x5 guy) gimme your best will soon find that it rolls off like water on a ducks back.

Have a good one guys...I am here to stay...only thing you need to figure out is your relationship with that.

My intention is to help....and provide fun and hopefully interesting posts. Been on the forums since 2004 and would like to see a forum that is as helpful as it was back then. Lately its just a place of discontent....lets do what we can to change that.


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