U.S. Election - Where are the policies?

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Re: I want the constitution and it's promise.

Mouser wrote:

GregMueller wrote:


If you doubt that, name a country where socialism or communism is financially successful.



They make things and sell the things to the US. Is that capitalism or communism? Do you think the people are happy or would they rather move to capitalism but fear for their lives from an oppressive government? (Hey this sounds more and more like obama's vision for the US)

They just opened their markets to wall street and the investors went wild...didn't they.

Is wall street investing capitalistic or would you still insist that is communism?

What I really don't get is why with all these communist and socialist economies available people that admire them don't go there? Maybe it's because they are failing?

Why do people run from every other country on the planet to the US?

Is it "The Promise of America"?

If China were so great, wouldn't they be going the other way?

If Mexico were so great wouldn't all the illegal aliens be going south instead of north?

Why do we have more than 13 million illegal aliens in the US that could not wait their turn to come here.

Is it just the "free stuff" you can get here that makes people want to come here?

When (not if) the US goes bankrupt, where will the free stuff come from? obama doesn't care because all he is doing is bribing people with the promise of "free stuff". All the lazy and stupid people who will not get off their rear ends to go earn a living...what will they do when the gravy train stops?

The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money

– Margaret Thatcher

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