What's all this about Ken Rockwell?

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Re:Ken Rockwell's headline grabbers....

You hit it perfectly on your analysis.

Ken's comments on: D600...best DSLR ever.

A headline to generate interest and online sales but only his opinion (as user needs can vary on which camera is best suited to our needs, D800, D7000 etc.).

This sounds exactly similar to the new Nikon 28-300mm VR when it came out.

Ken wrote on review this headline:

"Nikon 28-300mm VR
FX, 35mm & DX. Replaces all Nikon FX lenses!"

´╗┐It is a good lens for many uses, more or less. But there are others much better suited to certain applications for lots of reasons. He makes that lens sound like the best lens ever to replace all lens in your bag. (He did mention a few expections like ultrawide and f1.4 lens for low light, though...)

So his review headlines sound more like an advertisement, than an opinion at many times.
Since I already expected this, it does not bother me, and I take at face value.

Still if you can sift through the material and editorial commentary, the lenses (and camera) reviews have some useful info on specs, but best to combine with reviews on other sites like photozone, or others for a second review opinion before buying gear, as the final buying choice is yours or mine.

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