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Re: Portrait

Not bad, but I'll be brutal.

I struggle with studio as a concept - I wonder what the point is?

So on this shot, first thing I question is the background. Is it context or just a background? Its trying to be context but comes across as being a photographic background that pretends to be context, which makes me feel a bit uneasy. Its not telling me anything about the subject.

Then we have a young model with a serious expression. At that point I start to think it should be in a corporate brochure as its taken in a style that is only every seen in a corporate brochure. A style which shouldn't exist to my way of thinking. They're just full of people trying to look important and as though the stars revolve around them.

Lighting looks promising. Very studio, almost rembrandt lighting, but not quite - you may want to look that one up if you're not familiar with it. I'd say overall, his face looks a touch under-exposed. Definitely too tight at the top. Either crop his head or give him room to breath.

The conversion is pretty good, but a lack of separation on his shadow side where he merges into the background.

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