OM-D or OLY X-E1

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Re: OM-D or OLY X-E1

Franzl wrote:

I post this question both on the MFT and the Fuji X forum.

I currently own 2 camera’s:

OLY E-5 with OLY 7-14 and PannyLeica 14-150. Use: Architecture and hiking.

Like: Handling; IQ up to ISO 800, build, Lens quality; 14-150 range. Is a perfect Travel combi.

Dislike: Images over ISO 800, weight when hiking. (with 14-150)

Fuji X100. Use: street and indoor people photography

Like: non-intimidating, “stealthy” camera, JPG’s, IQ with auto ISO to 3200, auto WB (much better than Oly’

Dislike: AF; quality of EVF; need wider focal spread with at least a wide and a portrait lens.

I owned both E1 and E3, for years, but want to discontinue my FT gear because lack of Future in FT.

I already sold my oly 50-200, 50, and 12-60 and my 25mm pannyleica,

I really would like 1 system which can do it all: both travel and people photography

Contemplating on:

OM-D with 12/2.0; 25/1.4; 45/1.8, 20/1.7? and a travelzoom, oly 14-150 or pany 14-140

X-E1 with 14/2.8; 23/1.4; 35/1.4; 56/1.4 and the 18/55 F4 zoom although this is a little short on the long end. (maybe with the additional 55-200 zoom, although I really don’t like switching lenses when hiking)

I am certain either system will fulfill 90-95% of my requirements.

My doubts:

EVF quality on both OM-D and X-E1

(I owned a Minolta A2, perfect travel bridge camera with 28-200 mm equivalent lens, but bought the E-1 because the EVf was IMO not good enough, Use the X-100 99% OVF, )

Is OM-D IQ good enough at ISO 6400

Is AF on X-E1 much improved over X100 with latest firmware.

I would appreciate your thoughts and alternatives.

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Regards, FranZ
'The question is not what you look at, but what you see' - Thoreau

The X-E1 is absolutely beautiful to look at, but for me, the weather-sealing and versatile ergonomics of the OMD (by versatile I mean the fact that the grip offers two options) won me over. I actually handled an OMD and an X-Pro 1 at a camera shop, and I couldn't get past feeling like the X-Pro 1 was...boring. The second I picked up the OMD, I knew it was for me. It actually reminded me of my E-1. I realize they're completely different cameras, but the OMD just feels like it was made with my hands in mind, and when I hold it, I want to go photograph something. The X-Pro 1 reminded me more of my E-3: great camera, but it didn't sing to me. Does that make sense, or am I rambling?

I picked up the 45 1.8, which is fantastic, and next week I'm going to order the 60 2.8 macro.

Of course the image quality of the X-E1 is amazing because it shares its sensor with the X-Pro 1, but it also has no weather sealing, a weaker LED, and issues with the RAW files.

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