Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

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Re: This lens is great wide open

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Well, I am afraid that other post was rather easily missed. But thanks for the additions. I looked at the crops in your gallery and found two series: one at 100 mm, one at 99 mm but none at 35 mm. What I could see by looking at the beginning (widest apertures) of the 100 mm series is that your samples are well in line with Roger C's measurements. The lens sharpens up noticeably when you stop down from f/2.8 to f/4.

That is weird because when I looked at those images I really couldn't see much of a difference at all.

I didn't post the 35mm crops because the distortion happens mostly arround the edges. I thought that the crops gave it an unfair representation of its overall performance. Instead I gave everyone the RAW files to make their own determinations. That is the only fair way to do it.

I have some more full size pictures. However, I am running out of upload space to post them. Can we buy more space here on dpreview?

I wonder how long it will be before dpreview reviews this lens? It seems like there is a lot of interest in seeing the review even if most of those people are not willing to pay the price to actually purchase it.

It's pretty easy to see the difference between the 2.8 and the 4.0 crop if you know what to look for. Just put these two crops next to each other so that you can see them at the same time or switch quickly back and forth between them. Then look at the contrast level, more global as well as in finer details. How black are the blacks and how white are the whites?

As to the 35 mm crops, its up to you whether to post them of course. But I didn't quite see the point of the 99 mm series on top of the 100 mm series so the former can perhaps be deleted to make room for the 35 mm series.

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