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According to IJF their inks are specially formulated for them and their only CON was their MK not being deep enough. Thus the switch to IS MK.

The IJF pigment inks, other than perhaps the black, are definitely different than the IS set. I can confirm this because the yellow IFJ pigmented ink has much better lightfastness, on a par with Epson OEM K3 yellow. The IS yellow pigment is worse than Epson Claria dye with respect to light fade, so pigments aren't always better than dyes. MIS associates appears to sell the IS ink set as MIS light fade test results give signature IS test results.

Although Cone's inks are widely respected for initial image quality and reliability, I am unaware of any published lightfastness test results for the Conecolor inks. As we can see from the IS pigmented ink light fastness tests, different particle size distribution and encapsulation technologies mean that not all pigmented inkjet inks are equal in terms of both initial image quality and image stability over time even when the same bulk chemical composition for the pigment has been selected.



IJF use proprietary ink except MK.

We use our own InkjetFly proprietary ink except MK. The reason we use IS MK is because it has deepest black on Matte paper among all 3rd party inks we have tested. None other IJF inks are from IS.

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