Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

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Re: Cone pigment versus Cone dye ink....

Generally speaking Dye inks should be less prone to clogging than Pigment inks.

However it is not that simple. Head designs, when the original EPSON Pigments were first introduced, the print head technology was not as sophisticated as they are today and so many folks experienced more missing nozzle in the nozzle check than with Dye inks.

Both will clog. I have an Epson R340 with OEM inks that clogs all the time after just one week and yet I also have a R380 on cheap compatible carts that hardly ever has a problem. They sit right next to eachother.

The newer Epson print heads are specially coated with teflon and actually repel  ink to help reduce ink clogs.

None of my 15 printer ever give me a problem and the range goes from the little R340 ( I have to print daily with it ) R380-Stylus 1400s-R2200s-R1900s-R2000-R2400-R2880-PRO3880-Canon PRO 9000MIII-Canon PRO 9500MKII

The biggest cause of so called missing nozzles during nozzle checks is sinmply letting your printer sit for weeks without ever even sending a simple nozzle check through it. Then we complain.

Lo Humidy levels contributes to this problem. If you live in the desert and your home is air conditioned, you had better print daily.

If you live and a humid region and your printing room is not too dry, you may likely not expereince to many problems.

But the main contributor to bad nozzle checks, other that you gtting air into the system, or not properly priming a refillable cart, is simply not printing with enough frequency.

As Bob Petruska stated, some of his printers as well as some of mine are using OCP pigment K3 inks, and we are printing for more or less 3 cents per ML of ink per color so there is no excuse for not running at least a nozzle check every week.

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