A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

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Re: A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

Something along better than the A99 will be along sooner or later and it seems to me people are always chasing something better when really the quality of the camera they have already got it already better than they need.  If you have got the disposable income to this need then good for them or you.

Meanwhile I look at the kind of quality the A77 delivers and see its streets ahead of my old Minolta A1 and Sony A100 and one wonder what the problem is.

I paid what I paid for the A100 which was much more than it ended up as selling for and I expect the cost of the A77 to drop as well.  I didn't buy either camera with any expectation of it holding the value I paid for it.

I bought them at the time I bought them because they met my need and I could afford the price.  I can't afford the A99 if I could sell the A77 for what I paid for it.

In fact if the mythical A88 arrived and I lost/broke/had stolen my A77 I'd probably end up buying another A77 and be pleased the priced had dropped!  I doubt it will shoot at faster then 3 fps for example (a bit like the A850 v the A900) so I'd probably have to compromise in other areas and as high ISO is of little interest I don't see the point in losing some  A77 capabilities anyway.

This is why also why I am not sure of the fuss surrounding the D600.  Yes its got a FF sensor but there is more to a cameras capability than just the sensor.

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