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Re: Foreign support

lylejk wrote:

just my sentiments on the ungrateful nations that hate us despite what we did for them over the years

I doubt many hate the USA , certainly not any European, its just that America is very different, has different priorities and seems very foreign sometimes.

I went to school in California in 1981 and am a regular visitor. I love visiting but as I have got older and have visited more and got to know the country then the more I realise how foreign it is and how little i actual understand the place. ( does that make sense ! )

We speak a similar language and in that way you feel the people and country must have the same values and perspective but the more I visit the more british and  European I feel.

i love the USA but definitely do not understand some elements of your politics especially the Tea party and religious right.

Looking forward to a lengthy trip across the USA by Amtrak this spring......

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