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Re: Yeah, but the D600 is going to do the trick for sure!!!

eNo wrote:

OK, so I could sit here and easily tick off all the flaws in this comparison (not the same shot, not the same lens(?), too small to compare, not shot in utter despairing darkness, etc.) but in short I'll acknowlege you're basically right: just about any camera could have done a decent and even remarkable job with that scene.

My point exactly and I covered the other points you brought up in my OP.

The real question is whether your example is going to resolve anything, or whether we're talking about anything new, or whether we needed another thread about this.

I still want a new D600.

Good for you...enjoy your gear. Just showing that most of the time...(not all the time) older gear is still viable.

Will probably round up with the radical idea that investing $3000.00 in one self....often will yeild better results than changing gear.


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