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Canon rips off its customers and force them to buy the most expensive cameras!!

When you see the specifications of the Canon 5D Mark III and its price and you compare it to the specifications and the $1,400 lower price of the Nikon D600, you understand that there is something really wrong with Canon!!

And then you see the specifications of the Canon 6D, you know that it would be too insulting to Canon to compare it to the Nikon D600 that has much, much better specifications than the Canon 6D.

Basically, Canon does it best to give as little as possible to its customers to force them to buy only the most expensive cameras that they produce.

On the other hand, Nikon seems to do the contrary!! Nikon tries to give as many features as possible to its customers at the cheapest price possible!!! For instance, with the Nikon D800 and recently with the Nikon D600 that have the first two best processors available in the market with the best dynamic range and best image quality.

Canon takes for granted its customers. But Canon customers are not blind and, when you visit the Nikon forums, you see many posts of former Canon customers who bought either the Nikon D800 or recently even the Nikon D600 and surprisingly they all express astonishing enthusiasm by saying that Nikon cameras image quality, dynamic range, metering, flash system, auto-focus are even better than what they had previously experienced on their Canon cameras!!

If Canon thinks that they can keep ripping off their customers as many times as they want and not feel any consequences, they are sorely mistaken as many Canon customers already moved and will keep moving to other pastures such as with Nikon cameras!!

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