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Re: Hurricane Sandy

Dale Buhanan wrote:

VisionLight wrote:

Hello All,

I see that over the last week that there have been a number of replys to this thread that I have unfortunately not been able to read. Tonite I have the chance to visit a friend who got one of the few available hotel rooms in the area and it has not only lights and heat, but internet. Haven't seen any of the three in five days. So I thought I'd leave a fast note to say hello (don't want to be rude) and that I'll read all the replies and answer them whenever power and communications are restored to my area. The bad news though is that it is not expected to happen for another 5 to 7 days. We're all roughing it and still smiling. Do wish though that it wasn't in the 30s outside. Gets a little chilly inside at night.

(Hopefully) talk to you soon,


My goodness my friend, that sounds tough! You certainly have my sympathies! I have been thinking that you would have to sleep in two pair of pants with your coat on... all wrapped up in big blankets. We get used to have some heat. Hard to keep smiling when you freeze at night and don't get much sleep and get up all frozen and grumpy. Anyway, the end is in sight and soon you will be warm and have lights again.

Wishing you the best
kind regards

Hi Dale. Luckily, when I was built, they forgot to include the "grumpy gene".   And my thoughts are that if you're always smiling, people will always be wondering what you are up to!!!  But it was also really good to wake up this morning and say to myself, "Hey, it's not freezing in this room." So, at least for us, the worst is hopefully over. And everybody around the area, besides themselves, are helping everyone else recover. Community is a really good thing. Thanks for your best wishes.


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