Opinion wanted on Nex upgrading

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Re: Opinion wanted on Nex upgrading

Well, I can offer a slightly off-topic opinion. I bought a bargain NEX-3 about a year and a half ago to see if I could replace my Canon DSLRs for travel use, and upgraded to NEX-6 last week. After that, I've started thinking that the 70-200 F4 L is pretty much the only reason to keep either of the DSLRs (5D and 550D). Apart from the occasional urge to shoot "full frame", that is. NEX-6 has a decent viewfinder, and a standard hotshoe which is great because my cheap chinese (Meike brand) radio triggers work just fine for off-camera flash. I'm not an action shooter though (mostly club gigs and occasional macro stuff, plus the usual everyday life snaps and travel stuff). But for my use, the 6 seems just wonderful right now. Upgrading from 1st gen NEX-3, both the IQ and usability feel a whole lot better. The cleanliness of ISO1600 on NEX-6 is pretty amazing, and ISO3200 is entirely usable. I mean, it's cleaner at pixel level but also (and more importantly) the dynamics seem to take far less hit than on NEX-3. Also, the ($4.95) Multiframe NR app is really cool. Should've been there out-of-the-box, though, but I'm not complaining. Easily worth the admission, IMO.
Not a lot to comment on the PD focus as I haven't bothered to put it to test (the weather has been miserable lately) but I'm fairly sure it won't be a serious contender to a DSLR anyway. Although I gotta say that indoors, the NEX6/PZ16-50 seems to acquire focus noticeably faster than NEX-3/18-55 combo.
AFAIK, NEX-5R has the same sensor as NEX-6, so I'm pretty sure you'd appreciate the difference in IQ, coming from NEX-3. But from what I've seen here, the 5N seems amazing already so if you don't care about the hotshoe, PDAF, viewfinder or apps, a bargain 5N might be the best choice?

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