This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

paulski66 wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

But in the DX vs. FX world.....and considering these two cameras are about 6.5 years of technology apart (huge in dog years) the end result can easily show that both cameras are very capable and that you dont need the newest and most amazing wizbang camera to produce compelling results.

Are there people actually running around arguing this? This seems like a straw-man argument if I've ever seen one.

Of course you can get "compelling results" with a D300. It was a great camera 5 years ago, it's a great camera now. It was capable of producing amazing images 5 years ago, it's capable of the same now. Has anyone ever said any different?

I will refer you to this post right above yours.


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