Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

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Re: Lens Rentals reviews the 35-100 / 2.8

Anders W wrote:

MTF-50 is chosen precisely because it has been found to correlate best with human perception. You can look at the entire MTF curve if you like and some test sites, e.g., DxOMark, let you do that. If you do, you will find that lenses that do well at MTF-50 also tend to do well at other contrast requirements than 50 percent.

I don't recall exactly, where, but I read a pretty nice article about pinhole lens design (and about how sometimes a bad engineer kicks out a good engineer who happens to not understand the problem). It went to say that it is most important for a lens to have good contrast (i.e. a high MTF value) in low and mid frequencies and even a steep drop-off towards high frequencies will still give the perception of sharp images. Whereas a lens with the MTF value declining steadily across frequency will appear soft even though performing better at high frequencies.

I'm not ready to accept that MTF-50 really models human perception in the best way. To me it's just as likely that it just gives nice curves that are easy to read and compare.

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