Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

Started Nov 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Those terrible Samsung sensors (or are they?)

ok, I just finished downloading the 2 files. I upgraded my LR to 4.2 just recently and I'm not sure if there is any impact with regards to noise amount during DNG conversion but so far here is what I did and saw. upon conversion, I removed both NR application on both images and focused on the dark background area which I think is a door. what I noticed is that there is definitely a significant amount of RAW noise difference. I have to say this but the Fuji is even way better than any of the best APS-C camera out there, including the current dslrs. I think if there was a camera that has been way overrated than what it actually does, it's not the Fuji but the NEX-5n.

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